What to eat at subway on weight watchers

What to eat at subway on weight watchers

  the beauty of a restaurant like subway is that its made for customization, so you can make choices that fit into your lifestyle. An easy way to keep your order low on smartpoints is to fill it up with zeropoint veggies something like a salad or a sandwich filled with vegetables.

  a subway bacon, egg white & cheese on flatbread contains 10 weight watchers freestyle points, 11 ww smartpoints and 11 ww pointsplus.

  weight watchers points breakfast 6 inch bacon, egg & cheese flatbread 198g 14 12.

  both chicken and spinach are great diet foods, but subway is a little generous on the flavoring, totaling the wrap at 11 points. Another 11 point sandwich is the fresh italian sub, provided you eat it on 9-grain bread. Tuna mixed with mayo in a sub costs 12 weight watchers points.

Subway also tries to accommodate dieters and offers many low-fat choices. In these options, you can find low-fat meats, as in the turkey breast sub and the oven roasted chicken sub, each for five points, or vegetarian options such as the veggie delite for four points.

  1 serving subway fresh fit 6 turkey breast on 9-grain wheat sub 6 smartpoints value 1 serving subway fresh fit 6 subway club on 9-grain wheat sub 7 smartpoints value 1 serving sweet onion chicken teriyaki chopped salad 6 smartpoints value (with sweet onion dressing).

  subway weight watchers points for food 6 points and below subway fresh fit turkey breast on 9-grain wheat bread (6 points) subway fresh fit oven roasted chicken on 9-grain wheat bread (6 points) turkey breast & black forest ham on 9-grain wheat bread (6 points) subway fresh fit club on 9-grain wheat bread (6 points).

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What to eat at subway on weight watchers

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