Westpac bonus saver pie

Westpac bonus saver pie

The effective return is the rate you would need to receive from a regular savings account in order to achieve the same after-tax return from your westpac bonus saver pie, based on a pir of 28 and an income tax rate of either 30 or 33.

You can earn bonus return as long as on the last business day of the month your balance is 20 greater that the last business day of the month prior. The 20 excludes interest earned on the account andor westpac fees charged to the account. Payments can be made directly from your westpac bonus saver pie account.

1 monthly bonus interest is available for westpac bonus saver as long as on the last business day of the month the balance is 20 greater than on the last business day of the month prior. The 20 excludes interest earned on the account andor westpac fees charged to the account.

Your online saver pie requires an on-going minimum balance of 500. Online saver pie is offered under the westpac cash pie fund (the fund). Investments made in the fund do not represent bank deposits or other liabilities of westpac banking corporation abn 33 007 457 141, westpac new zealand limited (westpac nz) or other members of the westpac group of companies.

Westpac bonus saver pie is offered under the westpac cash pie fund and notice saver is offered under the westpac notice saver pie fund.

Money compare allows you to compare side by side different savings accounts funds including this amazing westpac online bonus saver pie. Compare insurance, compare home loans, compare credit cards and more.

Westpac bonus saver pie and notice saver are offered under the westpac cash pie fund.

  our westpac bonus saver and westpac bonus saver pie interest rate has been reduced by 75bps to have a total available rate of 0.

On the last business day of the month your account balance is 20 greater than on the last business day of the month prior. The 20 excludes interest earned on the account andor westpac fees charged to the account.

  bonus interest for westpac bonus saver and westpac bonus saver pie has been reduced by 40bps to 1.

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Westpac bonus saver pie

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