Upmc for life cavulus

Upmc for life cavulus

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13, 2016 upmc and cavulus, a software and services company serving the health insurance industry, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership in which upmc will invest in cavulus and provide insights and development assistance for the growth of its cloud-based technology.

Cavulus serves more than 35 health plans, which have experienced medicare advantage market growth outpacing the industry average by 20 percent. They are an end-to-end solution for medicare advantage organizations with five products that can be implemented on their own or together.

Upmc enterprises, our portfolio companies, and select partners have all supported upmcs mission of life changing medicine. In the booklet below, we have compiled highlights from a truly unique year and recognize the team members and projects that have enabled our success.

  these achievements contributed to upmc for lifes revenue and lead in market share growth among our major competitors. Federal standards mandate a service level greater than 80 and an abandonment rate less than 5.

  upmc and cavulus, a software and services company serving the health insurance industry, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership in which upmc will invest in cavulus.

  cavulus, a leading nationwide technology provider for medicare advantage organizations headquartered here, has announced the appointment of ed mccallister to.

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Upmc for life cavulus

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