Trailing stop mt4 pdf

Trailing stop mt4 pdf

Go to the terminal window, navigate to the trade tab then right click on the order row for which you wish to set a trailing stop.

To set the trailing stop, right click on the specific outstanding position to find the trailing stop function. Select the desirable value of distance between the stop loss level and the current price. Mt4 trailing stop will be activated when your trade is in the money.

Trailing stop is always attached to an open position and works in client terminal, not at the server like stop loss, for example. To set the trailing stop, one has to execute the open position context menu command of the same name in the terminal window. Then one has to select the desirable value of distance between the stop loss level and the current price in the list opened.

These are used to adjust your stop loss and take profit orders as the market fluctuates. This type of order can be used to protect and maximize profits and also minimize potential losses on your trades.

Purpose to use automatic trailing stop for all positions that are open or will be opened in the future. If yo need to work with 2 or more charts, dont forget to put this ea there as well.

Works on one chart at a time therefore if you have trades open in different charts, you need to upload to each chart creates automatic trailing stop for all trades that are open or will be opened in the future.

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Trailing stop mt4 pdf

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