Trade ideas scanner review

Trade ideas scanner review

  these scanners are really the star of the trade ideas platform (and the reason why so many day traders use trade ideas). During our trade ideas review, we tested out a few pre-configured trade ideas scans and built a few custom scans of our own.

The platform can be used for just about any trading strategy. This is easily one of the best scanners available for active day traders. While you could use trade ideas for swing trading, it probably wouldnt justify the monthly subscription.

  trade ideas software review 2021 when i first signed up to trade ideas i thought the price was high for a piece of software that only provides scanning. What i didnt realize was how fundamental scanning is for every trader. In our trading courses and in our chat room i primarily teach a momentum trading strategy.

The trade ideas scanner is one of the best tools that can help you out. Its an ai-driven stock screener that automatically finds new trade ideas and setup opportunities. Having been established for more than ten years, its definitely one of the best options available on the market.

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Trade ideas scanner review

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