Silicon valley what happened to the thumb drive

Silicon valley what happened to the thumb drive

Its not that monica or gilfoyle or dinesh stole the thumb drive from richard. Like frodo taking the ring to mount doom only to not throw it in, they were all corrupted and failed to destroy what they should have.

  as for how silicon valley itself ended, we saw richard try to show the documentary filmmakers the thumb drive containing the pied piper code base, only for him to be unable to find it.

One of the best-written comedy shows of this generation, silicon valley came to an end on sunday. What started with a motley crew of coders working at a house, saw richard hendricks (thomas middleditch), bertram gilfoyle (martin starr) and dinesh chugtai (kumail nanjiani) rise to the position of tech giants with piedpiper and then ultimately kill their lifes work for the greater good.

  as the finale closes, richard tells his interviewer that he still has one copy of the pied piper super code, but true to form, he cant find the thumb drive that holds it.

  theres just one maybe-not-so-small problem richard cant find the thumb drive with the possibly devastating material (not seen richard surely subsequently vomiting).

Robot episode first before watching sv, so i was under the impression that i saw the orange thumbdrive earlier in the show.

Silicon valley is a region in the southern part of the san francisco bay area in northern california that serves as a global center for high technology and innovation. It corresponds roughly to the geographical santa clara valley. San jose is silicon valleys largest city, the third-largest in california, and the tenth-largest in the united states other major silicon valley cities include.

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Silicon valley what happened to the thumb drive

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