Old mutual investment group zimbabwe

Old mutual investment group zimbabwe

Old mutual zimbabwe offers a wide range of affordable and comprehensive insurance, investment and corporate solutions as well as financial advice.

Old mutual investment group zimbabwe (private) limited mutual gardens 100 the chase west emerald hill harare. Keep up with the latest news keep abreast of market news with our regular economic bulletin from old mutual investment group.

About old mutual investment group team we believe that, within the zimbabwe market, our investment team has the deepest skills base and talent and is well respected from its track record.

Old mutual investment group zimbabwe (private) limited economic environment financial performance outlook acknowledgements the companys total equity stood at us3.

More about old mutual news investor relations old mutual limited (oml) is a premium african financial services group that offers a broad spectrum of financial solutions to retail and corporate customers across key markets in 14 countries.

Old mutual property zimbabwe (private) limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of old mutual zimbabwe limited. It is the property investment boutique within old mutual investment group zimbabwe. The business has been operating as a professional property manager since 1981 following its origins as a division of the then old mutual life assurance society.

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Old mutual investment group zimbabwe

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