Mt4 strategy tester visual mode missing

Mt4 strategy tester visual mode missing

Today the visual mode and tabs at the bottom have disappeared.

  sometimes visual mode is hidden in the mt4 strategy tester. Now that you can find visual mode you may want to use my the mt4 trading.

Open the mt4 global options by selecting tools option (ctrlo) select the expert advisors tab check the allow dll import.

Visual mode enable the mode of the visual displaying the test process on a graph. You can adjust the speed of the testing visualization using the lever located to the right. You can also specify a date in the skip to field to skip visualizing the test till that date.

Now that your ea is installed, open mt4 and click on the strategy tester button.

In this video, i will show you the visual mode in mt4 strategy tester, and how i use it.

Usually, it is enough to make the tester window a bit larger by dragging its top border upwards.

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Mt4 strategy tester visual mode missing

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