Motif investing valuation

Motif investing valuation

  motif (financial software) general information description. Provider of an investment trading platform designed to empower customers to meet their investment goals.

Renren and norwest venture partners are the most recent investors. Motif has a post-money valuation in the range of 100m to 500m as of jan 20, 2015, according to privco.

Motif investing allows investors to select a particular motif, or theme-based portfolio, which typically includes about 20 to 30 stocks or etfs, for a fee of 9.

5 m motif investing latest funding size40 m time since last funding 6 years ago motif investing investorsgoldman sachs, foundation capital, norwest venture partners - nvp, balderton capital, ignition partners, wicklow capital, renren inc.

  motif investing is a unique and easy way to invest in what interests you at a very low price. Its unique because you can invest in companies you care about and invest in whole dollar amounts instead of having to invest in whole share amounts.

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Motif investing valuation

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