Most comfortable iwb holster for fat guys

Most comfortable iwb holster for fat guys

The blackhawk serpa cqc concealment holster proves to be one of the best holsters to own for any big man.

Iwb black holster best iwb holster for fat guys ruger lcp 380 is considered one of the best-concealed carry gun holster for big guys.

  the defender leather iwb holster is designed for optimum concealment and uses a single, wide metal clip to secure the holster to both your pants and belt.

  an appendix carry holster has a lower profile than a typical classic iwb holster, which may improve comfort at the 2 oclock position if it has a smaller footprint. Its all about balancing comfort with utility, and a lightweight holster in this position will be less noticeable.

Stretches up to 44 inches that makes it the best belly band holster for fat guys. Works for both left-handed and right-handed people to allow smooth drawing motion.

  at this point you are probably wondering what holster is best for bigger guys? The simple answer is the holster that is most universal in comfort which is the strong side hip holster. This method can be positioned inside or outside the waistband. This is a popular method because its just about the most comfortable positon.

  my recommendation for the best concealed carry holster for overweight men is the stealthgear usa onyx or the stealthgear usa appendix holster. Now im not an overweight man myself but i can tell you from speaking with others and doing research on the internet. I have found that most men who are overweight prefer this holster over all others.

No matter how many holsters i drop money on, the summer comfort and the stowngo are my most comfortable, most concealable holsters i own. Oh, and with my extra, ahem, flesh around my midsection, i find appendix carry to be extremely handy.

  if you want one of the best appendix carry holsters out there, but dont want to drop a 100 plus dollars, cya supply holsters are a great budget option. A lot of people say this holster is so comfortable they decided to try appendix carry for the first time. This is a great iwb holster for 6 oclock, 3 oclock, and 1 oclock carry.

I have super tucks for most of my guns and a couple of comp-tac as well. I would have to say that the most comfortable iwb is a 1911 because it is thin.

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Most comfortable iwb holster for fat guys

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