Minergate gpu mining not available

Minergate gpu mining not available

  i have a nvidia graphic card installed but in minergate software there shows gpu mining not available. My system configuration is-windows 10 pro 64-bit-pentium dual core cpu e5300 2. 60ghz-4gb ddr2 ram-nvidia gt force 620 graphic card log file generated by minergate software 28.

  i suggest you try the legacy version of the miner available here (windows only) httpsminergate. Comdownloadwin-legacy, it has the support for some previous generation gpus. Text us directly if you have any questions httpsminergate.

  gpu not available minergate gpu no detecta no minergate. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

This video will demonstrate how to create an account at minergate and how to mine bytecoin using a computer running windows and a nvidia gtx gpu graphic kind regards, fernando fas. The recommended setting is 2, but then again, testing on your own configurations should give the best results.

Selling a scheme for the distribution of the miner, the manual is in. Doc format without viruses and gluing (the miner itself does not sell) the price of 50 on questions in ps.

I have now tried older versions of the minergate app and updated all drivers yet gpu mining is still not available. My computer specification is as follows asus laptop with 64bit ubuntu 14.

  this tutorial shows how to use ccminer for cryptonight algo in minergate.

If your gpus are nvidia (which is one of the most popular gpu producers anyway), then you should see a setting in your gui miner, called intensity. If you dont see gpu at all, it means it was disabled at startup and you should enable it by clicking menu - view - show gpu mining.

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Minergate gpu mining not available

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