Lbc air cargo rates uae to philippines

Lbc air cargo rates uae to philippines

Find out how much it costs to send out your package with lbc. Visit this page to view our rates for both national and international shipping services.

There are many cargo and shipping companies in dubai that can help you to ship your dream items in the philippines, so lets check lbc air cargo rates from dubai to philippines. All of them charge per kg, per item, and shipping container, so it depends on the shipping methods that you choose.

Lbc provides insurance for items shipped through our air cargo services. Insurance coverage must match the declared value of the shipment. Lbc provides automatic insurance coverage per shipment at no additional charge.

Bbc air freight services provide best price and granted services from dubai to philippines includes all air port, and door to door cargo services.

Type in a tracking number, a branch, package size, or anything to search our site.

Air cargo box size manila luzon luzon inter island visayas mindanao 31 kg flat rate 260.

Ae provides the best price and granted services from air cargo abu dhabi to philippines includes all cheapest cargo shipping in the philippines services. We have cargo to philippines from dubai to all over the philippines airport.

Delivery period manila (3-10 days), luzon (7-15 days), visayas (10-20 days), mindanao (15-25 days) charges are based on actual weight or volume weight whichever is higher.

Below is a list of the main lbc branches in the uae, including their addresses and timings. As for telephone numbers, the following lbc hotlines apply to all branches, regardless of location 800 522 000, 800 522 111, and 1 800 10 858 599.

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Lbc air cargo rates uae to philippines

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