Ks1000rw roof panel

Ks1000rw roof panel

Ks1000 rw is a trapezoidal insulated roof panel powered by quadcore technology ks1000 rw is a through-fix, trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panel.

Trapezoidal roof panel (ks1000 rw) declared thermal conductivity ( value) 0.

The kingspan trapezoidal pitched roof system is a through-fix insulated roof panel, which can be used for building applications with roof pitches of 4 degrees or more after deflection.

Insulated panels ks1000 rw trapezoidal trapezoidal ks1000 rw applications the ks1000 rw is a through-fix trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panel which can be used for building applications with roof pitches of 4 or more after deflection.

The ks1000 rw wall system can also be used for roof cladding. Panels shorter than 3,0 m and longer than 14,5 m are available on request.

Ks1000 rw insulated roof panel s are stacked weather sheet to weather sheet (to minimise pack height). The top, bottom, sides and ends are protected with foam and timber packing and the entire pack is wrapped in plastic.

We offer kingspan ks1000rw composite cladding manufactured to your specification delivered direct from manufacturing. Ks1000rw insulated panels offer a maximum cover width of 1000mm and are suitable for use on roofs with a pitch of 4 or more (after deflection) profile kingspan ks1000rw.

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Ks1000rw roof panel

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