King's raid best dragon raid team

King's raid best dragon raid team

  kings raid - single mode dragon raids team recommendation content update review - youtube. Kings raid - single mode dragon raids team recommendation content update review.

The first group in kings raid tier list consists of knights.

  frey t5 (heals) laias t3 (heals) epis t5 (dps) theo t5 (dps) maria t5 (ccdebuff) annette t5 (supporthealdebuff) gau t3 (cc) (non magic but i am thinking his cc is important) jane t5 (tankdebuff) would love to hear your advice or your team combination if you are farming black dragon hard mode (single raidsolo) using a magic team.

Her magic defense buff and solid heals makes sure your dps and tanks wont die in one hit. Cleaners like juno, annette and rephy will do amazing things for your team and are a must for ice dragon raids.

Ideally, you want to have a balanced formation that includes good front liners, amazing dps, and somebody to sustain everyone through those long engagements. Some of the most used formulae for 4-man teams are the following tank, main-dps, sub-dps, ccbuffhealer.

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King's raid best dragon raid team

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