Kelley blue book diminished value

Kelley blue book diminished value

This is defined as the cost of the subsequent and fairly subjective loss of vehicle value, even though it has been completely restored. Failing to pay attention to this secondary value can cost an owner thousands when the time comes to do a dealer trade, or attempt to execute a private-party used car sale.

  the 17c formula is as follows base loss of value (which is calculated at 10 of the current kelley blue book value) x damage modifier x mileage modifier diminished value.

If you have minor damage and are handling the body damage claim yourself, tell the insurance adjuster you want to get a receive payment for diminished value for the car in addition to the body shop costs. If its totaled you can get the kelly blue book value site here.

  this will drive down the value of your vehicle below the kelley blue book value. Your diminished value impact after an accident is simply the discount that a buyer would demand in order to encourage them to buy your vehicle instead of a similar vehicle without an accident history.

Step 1 use the kelley blue book (private party value) or nada calculators to determine your vehicles pre-accident value. Step 2 enter the pre-accident value into the calculator below, select the severity of damage and the number of miles on your vehicle.

  understanding diminished value is essential because it will change your vehicles kelley blue book value if you try to trade it in or sell it. Diminished value auto claim you may be able to recover some of your diminished value loss by filing a diminished value auto claim.

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Kelley blue book diminished value

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