How do i get paid on mercari

How do i get paid on mercari

After the buyer has rated you, youre all set to complete the transaction.

  view your balance by visiting your profile and tapping balance at the top. Here are your options your balance can be used to purchase items on mercari. Your balance can be deposited to your checking account by direct deposit.

  in this video i show you how to get paid by mercari! The process is fairly similar to do on desktop, but i love the convenience of doing in on the app! Let m.

Once the order carrier informs mercari that the shipment has been delivered, the buyer has three days to confirm that the order arrived as specified and provide you with a rating. If the buyer does not rate you within 3 days, mercari will provide the rating and you can get paid.

Starting today, instant pay is the fastest way to get paid when you need that extra cash. Now, you can tap instant pay when you want your balance transferred.

How do you get paid on mercari? Typically, you get paid on mercari after the item has been delivered to your buyer and they leave a review. If they dont leave a review, then mercari will wait for three days to pass and then release the funds to you.

  mercari automatically uses your form of payment to pay for an item when purchasing. The funds do not get released until the transaction is completed.

  the sooner you get it in the mail, the sooner it will arrive, and the sooner the buyer will rate the transaction so you can get paid. Mercari will take a 10 percent commission on everything you sell.

If you have an item you think isnt worth 5 you can bypass this by offering free shipping. That way the buyer isnt paying 5 for your item and then paying shipping, theyll pay 5 total.

Mercari is horrible about suspending accounts and holding your money hostage. Buyers sometimes claim items are fake, especially designer clothesaccessories, to try to get a refund.

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How do i get paid on mercari

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