Hdfc bank nri forex rates

Hdfc bank nri forex rates

Swap cost is considered for arriving at the final interest rate incase of od against fcnr deposit. The bank reserves the right to make changes in the rate in accordance with the market.

The senior citizen rates are only for resident indians and do not apply to nris. The bank computes interest based on the actual number of days in a year. In case, the deposit is spread over a leap and a non-leap year, the interest is calculated based on the number of days i.

Hdfc nre & nro fixed deposit interest rate ranges from to. The best interest rate offered for hdfc bank fixed deposits lesser than inr 1 crore is and for individuals and senior citizens investing respectively.

This hdfc bank nri forex rates is available for those who have invested in a residential property, etc.

Note as per the terms & conditions of fixed deposit accounts of the bank, the penalty on premature closure of fixed deposits including sweep-in and partial closures has been fixed by the bank at the rate of 1. This will be applicable for deposits booked on or after 24th january 2011. To know more about current rfc fixed deposit rates, click here.

Get complete details about call account interest rates for nris & calculate your maturity amount. Let your savings grow at optimum rate of interest at hdfc bank.

Note all the interest rates mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice. We update the latest interest rates on nre fd and savings bank account as well as the interest rates for fcnr deposit every month with the banks on our blog.

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Hdfc bank nri forex rates

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Hdfc bank nri forex rates

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