Good till cancelled

Good till cancelled

Good til canceled (gtc) describes a type of order that an investor may place to buy or sell a security that remains active until either the order is filled or the investor cancels it.

In investment, a good til cancelled (gtc) order is an order to buy or sell a security at a specified price which remains in effect until executed or cancelled by the investor.

  good til cancelled, or gtc, is used to refer to an order to buy or sell a stock at a set price that remains in effect until the investor cancels the order or the trade is completed. Good til cancelled example when an investor places an order for a trade, he can specify that the order should remain in effect until a specific condition is met.

An order with a good-til-canceled (gtc) time in force keeps the order working until it executes or you cancel it. In this example, it is monday, june 1 and you want to buy 100 shares of xyz, which is currently at 127.

  a good til canceled limit order is the most commonly used limit order and has the following characteristics your order will be executed at the price youve entered or at an improved price. Your order will remain in the order book until the order is (a) executed or (b) cancelled by you.

  good till cancelled works especially well when used together with the out-of-stock option by ebay.

A good-til-canceled (gtc) order is the most commonly requested stock order by investors. The gtc order means just what it says the order stays in effect until its transacted or until the investor cancels it.

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Good till cancelled

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