Global bond fund definition

Global bond fund definition

  what is a global bond? A global bond is a type of bond that can be traded in a domestic or european market. It is a bond issued and traded outside the country where the currency of the bond is.

  a global fund is a fund that invests in companies located anywhere in the world including the investors own country. A global fund seeks to identify the best investments from a global universe of.

A global bond may be issued in the domestic currency, but the same issue may be offered in several countries at the same time. Thus, global bonds may be traded either in domestic or foreign markets.

A mutual fund that includes at least 25 foreign securities in its portfolio. The value of the fund depends on the health of foreign economies and exchange rate movements. A global fund permits an investor to diversify internationally.

Funds in bond sectors that include global in their title may choose to have their primary share class either as a gbp hedged share class or an unhedged share class because the sector is already diverse by bond type and currency exposure.

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Global bond fund definition

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Global bond fund definition

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