Games like h1z1 kotk

Games like h1z1 kotk

  the h1z1 king of the kill (also called kotk), is a large scale shoot to kill game where every second count. While for individuals with the lightning quick reflexes for some, its not a game that is simple it becomes much easier as speed is a factor in playing this game.

  not the same game at all, h1z1 kotk a game last like 40minutes, rust a game can last for weeks, months, rust is about farming,building, defending & attacking base, its way complete and have almost no bug. H1z1 kotk is just a battleroyal game so you cant say which game is better because both game are good in different ways.

(last time i played, kotk and just survive were 1 game) i immediately remembered why i used to play these games. The vast, abandoned open world, the immersive proximity voice chat, the survival aspect with needing gas, keys, car parts, armor, weapons, ammo, and all these things.

  please watch new fortnite brite gunner gameplay! Httpswww.

  re h1z1 kotk reply 8 on 1220 pm - 013117 i enjoy the game its mad buggy but still fun once youre able to fight off the first guy that lands next to you.

  if you were the general manager of h1z1 and got to dictate the direction of the game. What would the game look like? Here is what i would do revert changes and combine some of the concepts that made h1z1 great.

You can litterly run through 20 houses without finding a single gun and only find ammo. 2 games ago when i landed my mouse stopped working in game, could only move it horizontal and not vertical. I also landed to close to a rock and my character started floating in the air like a freaking retard for 40 seconds.

  these changes should help ensure a more even distribution of players per tier. If youre a data nerd, heres a graph you might like as to where pre-season 1 shook out in terms of tier distribution kill scoring.

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Games like h1z1 kotk

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