Eu4 noble rebels

Eu4 noble rebels

Noble rebels are the strongest rebel type (financed by the nobility), they demand more autonomy and will raise autonomy on occupied provinces. Pretender rebels are particularly dangerous for countries that have personal unions. If pretenders in a junior partner win, they install a new ruler and break the union.

  noble rebels after finishing a war and running out of manpower 6 stacks with 9k - 25k men spawned in rapid succession. General revolt risk should have been pretty low when they spawned (below 1) so i will give in to their demands (since i have little choice in the matter).

I rather fancy becoming a noble republic in my eu4 extended timeline game. How does one do this with the help of the console? Is there any way to spawn noble rebels? Atm all of my provinces have peasant or nationalist revolt risk only, so i dont know what the rebels command would spawn.

It gets kind of annoying how many ai nations stagnate with -3 stability and -90 prestige. So basically, unlike with separatists or nationalists, they never break apart and collapse entirely, but just suffer from endless rebellions that always put them back to square one, not being able to recover and just stagnate.

Once a peasant revolt spawns, they have a 50 chance of changing your government to a noble republic. In order for them to succeed, you need to take note of a few things. The rebels have to actually capture more than half of your provinces and forcefully break your country you cannot surrender to their demands peacefully.

Rebellions should also automatically occupy any forts in their provinces, as theyd be seized by any competent rebellion before your loyal forces knew what was happening. It should also though still be possible to negotiate with rebels once they have popped, they should be flexible with their demands.

Since missionaries give 6 unrest, separatism is usually the only thing causing more unrest than missionaries. (in some cases, if another type of rebels are already progressing their uprising in province x, the rebel type wont change to religious rebels.).

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Eu4 noble rebels

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