Dji care refresh vs geek squad

Dji care refresh vs geek squad

The catch is that you have to return pieces of the crashed drone to them. Best buys is similar, usually in that case they replace your broken one with inventory from the store (if available).

Dji care refreshs or best buy geek squad protection? Recently purchased a mavic pro 2 at best buy and was wondering which service protection is better djis or geek squad.

Just like apple care, dji care refresh is a damage protection plan for all of djis newest drones.

The older dji care didnt cover it, but the care refresh package helps your peace of mind when fliying above water. However, keep in mind, that you still need the soaked drone to send to them. If you lose it in the sea and cant find it, adios!however, if you drop some water on it, or lose it in a shallow lake from which you can recover it, then everyting should be fine.

Geek squad will only cover 2 years, for 200! So if you purchased the 39 coverage thru dji, you are actually paying 200 for 1 additional year.

For me it was 36yr with zero deductible (price may vary between states, im in wa), and covers a lot more than refresh or geek squad.

Glwxest7dji care refresh for already activated drones httpsgoo.

  dji care refresh (1-year plan) offers two replacements, including one chance to use flyaway coverage. Dji care refresh (2-year plan) offers three replacements, including two chances to use flyaway coverage. Dji care refresh offers one replacement chance for damage or flyaway coverage in the second year.

Dji care is a service plan that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage to your dji aircraft, gimbal or camera sustained during normal use. During dji cares period of validity, if accidental damage occurs during normal use, repair fees and related costs will be covered by dji.

99 per year, you can purchase best buy total tech support to cover all your devices regardless of where or when you bought them. Membership features include the following agents available 247 49.

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Dji care refresh vs geek squad

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