Convert t64 to d64

Convert t64 to d64

  you can convert t64 to d64 with c1541, a tool that comes with the vice distribution.

  convert commodore t64 files to d64 format using drag and drop. This program will greatly simplify the batch processing of t64 files.

T64, then list to view it step 5 dump another (space permitting), then list step 6 it would seem moon patrols image shows the file name to be file.

T64 disklabel should be replaced with the desired label name of the disk.

Convert t64 to d64 in titlesummary d64 editor a filename builder to enable easy use of the c64 characterset in filenamesmain features -read d64 files, display the directory, move files around the directory, rename files.

Convert commodore t64 files to d64 format using drag and drop - build-0-matict64-to-d64.

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Convert t64 to d64

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