Can i get canadian dollars at bank of america

Can i get canadian dollars at bank of america

Delivery is made to either a financial center or the address of record on the account used to pay for the order.

Some, such as bank of america, offer online ordering with the option to hold the canadian cash for pickup or have it mailed to your home address. For this service, however, you might have to be a client of the bank.

  to purchase foreign currency online, you must have a bank of america checking or savings account purchases above usd1,000 must be picked up at a financial center minimum purchase amount is usd100 maximum purchase amount is usd10,000.

  with your borderless account, you can receive local bank transfers to your own generated local bank details in several regions like the eu, the uk, and australia. Otherwise, you can always fund your borderless balance straight from your bank account in the us and then convert to any other currency you like for just a small fee.

  i tried bank of america and couple of other banks, they say they make draftsmocashier checks in usd only. I also visited some western union and currency exchange places, but they also do in usd.

  atm withdrawals are the simplest way to convert canadian dollars into u.

Consult your bank regarding fees and exchange rates if you are a canadian traveling to the united states. Atm withdrawals are the simplest way to convert canadian dollars into u.

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Can i get canadian dollars at bank of america

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