Best automate flows reddit

Best automate flows reddit

I have currently made an automation that gets the template, moves it our current students folder, renames it to include todays date and posts a link to it in the teams channel for the instructors. The question is, there are 3 different document templates to be used for 3 different phases of training, and i would like the flow to check what phase the student is currently in, to chose the.

The thing about flow is its not something to approach from a i want to use flow, what can i use it for? Point of view. But if you approach it from a i am doing this task that could be improved by automation, lets see whether flow can help me perspective that often leads to more obvious uses.

Hello everybody! Faily new to microsoft flow and learning as i go, but definitely loving what im seeing so far! I have a flow that is triggering a power bi dataset refresh based on an e-mail that arrives in a particular folder in my o365 mail, however i get that e-mail more than 8 times a day, which is causing the refresh to fail after the 8th time in a 24 hour period (microsoft limitation).

Specially those whatsapp folders that keep growing with images from other people and groups, ugh. I thought this was a great oportunity to show some people how to use the termuxtasker plugin, which has been the best thing that has happened to me with automate. I call this script automatically every night with automate using the termuxtasker.

Want to get started with microsoft power automate desktop and create flows that will mimic human actions on your computer? Hope you enjoy the 9 day free course for beginners to advanced microsoft power automate desktop tutorial.

  as part of a series intended to help non-developers brave some of the intimidating aspects of power automate, i wanted to cover one of my favorite expressions in a very simple flowsplit().

The previous posts in my series about troubleshooting flows in microsoft are recover from failure. Have you had the same problem ive had? A user complains about a flow failing and you have no way of finding the failing flow.

  perhaps you read our previous blog that outlined some tips on how to build your first flow using microsoft power automate. Or, maybe you read the blog we posted earlier in the week that talked about converting your sharepoint 2010 workflows to flows in power automate.

I have a sharepoint list with approximately 2200 customer records. I would like to automatically send a reminder email 90 days prior to the expiration date.

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Best automate flows reddit

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